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Investing in Global Transformation

Voltan designs asset allocation strategies and identifies investment opportunities for a select group of international asset owners. With origins in the world’s most dynamic markets, Voltan specialises in innovative, high-growth sectors and countries. By investing across equity and credit in both public and private markets, Voltan accesses the most compelling investment opportunities at the optimal point in their capital structure. Individual investments are embedded in a global asset allocation framework constructed to reflect each asset owner’s risk profile and personal values.


What we do


Global Asset Allocation

Voltan offers a structured asset allocation process, working with asset owners to design a portfolio that reflects their goals, values and desire for risk. After defining each asset owner’s unique philosophy of wealth, Voltan transforms those goals into a specialised suite of investments within a durable allocation framework.


Private investments may include opportunities adjacent to the owner’s primary business, along with private equity or direct lending within select sectors. Liquidity is managed through high-level allocations to debt versus equity, developed versus emerging, and capital preservation versus growth prior to securities selection.


Voltan overlays a discerning assessment of global macroeconomic and geopolitical factors, allowing it to recast a portfolio ahead of major events.


Due Diligence and Execution

Meticulous due diligence is at the heart of any successful investment. Translating an exciting opportunity into a well-managed enterprise is a challenge for all founders.


In sourcing new investment themes, Voltan’s due diligence focuses on understanding the finest details of how industries and companies operate. Deep operational knowledge is key to identifying the solutions and innovations that will govern the market.


In selecting emerging leaders, Voltan focuses on operational excellence - the robust procedures, respect for governance, and management depth that allow a firm to weather market challenges.


Investment Origination

Voltan brings a structured process to sourcing unique opportunities in the highest growth industries and countries around the globe. Beginning with the themes that will shape the next decade, Voltan uses its deep research expertise and global reach to identify the firms poised for primacy in their industries.


In public markets, Voltan structures a basket of securities to capture the drivers of growth while mitigating risk through diversification. In private markets, the firm brings strong expertise in acquisitions and integrations.


By applying a forward-looking and disciplined research process, Voltan is able to access uncrowded trades and well-valued acquisitions ahead of the trend.


Strategy and New Markets

Voltan seeks investments at the vanguard of long-term global transformations. Whether new markets, new industries or new technologies, Voltan brings its core competencies to the table: a lucid vision of the future that orients our investment philosophy, global reach in sourcing unique investment opportunities, deep research expertise, and a history of successful investment execution.


But making an investment is only the first step. Voltan seeks companies that can serve as a springboard for global expansion and entry to new markets. By assisting companies in reaching global scale, Voltan participates actively in generating returns for asset owners.

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